Workshops and Retreats

Workshops and Retreats

Yoga is complemented by other expressive arts and therapeutic explorations and practices. Contact us to discuss booking a private individual, family or small group workshop, event or retreat. We encourage creativity and offer our own. Further down this page are some types of Workshops we offer for public or private groups. To view additional Workshops and Retreats, visit our Thriving Lotus parent site.


  • Nature as Art, because nature is art! (various elements such as nature walks and incorporating nature into mindful and artistic activities) in combination with outdoor yoga & meditations

  • Writing, Poetry and Journaling Workshops with Yoga (Enjoy Pamela's Writing Here)

  • Mindfulness Book Club

  • Painting, Drawing, Coloring... Art-yoga events

  • Yoga and/or Improv / Ecstatic Dancing to Live Music

  • A yogic deep-dive workshop introducing Ayurveda, Yoga's sister science, Healthy lifestyle practices, plant-focused diet and yoga for your doshas and your chakras, prana & kundalini too!

  • Essential Oils, Herbs for holistic health supplementation, Ayurvedic & Chinese Herbals


Special Focused Workshops

  • Gratitude, Inner Peace, Finding Balance, Resiliency, Speaking Your Truth, Flow State (Intuition), Empowered Yoga Embodiment, Etc... a variety of specialty tailored mind+body practices/ workshops

  • Mindfulness, Self-reflection and Meditation, the differences and why we need them all, various practices comprising each of these areas of awakened living and hybrid practices which bridge them

  • What is Sadhana and how is it key to our yogic expression? Practices that facilitate self-exploration, purpose journeying and seeking guidance within, for developing your personal spiritual practice

  • Rainbow Aura Tantra Breathwork & Kundalini Chakras Activation (A Blissful Set of Practices)

  • All the Sneaky Ways Stress Hides in our Bodies & Wrecks Havoc with Practices to Eliminate Stress & Heal the Mind & Body

  • Somatic & Psychosomatic Practices for Self-Healing a Dysregulated Nervous System, Understanding Poly-vagal theory, your Nervous System and Recognizing the different states & what your body needs

  • Grieving our way, finding our love within us, practices for managing the pain of emotional loss and  revealing our personal soul purpose in the face of suffering

  • Individual Coaching in yoga and mindful, heart-full living for anyone in recovery from any life disrupting experience(s) and/or any samskaras, unhealthy coping behavior pattern(s), tailored to fit YOU, a private workshop series with take home practices, includes chakra opening postures to clear blockages to recovery, pranayama (breath practices) and mantras to aid you in your self-healing, supplemental to and not a suitable replacement for your medical and recovery treatments and programs.

Disclaimer: Yoga and other wellness umbrella instruction by an RYT, natural alternative/complimentary therapies and life coaching can improve your recovery and life in general when utilized supplementally, and are not replacement or treatment for any medical condition or illness nor do we have licensed professionals that diagnose conditions. All yoga instruction is facilitated by a yoga alliance certified yoga teacher.